[Social] New Chat Group for Online Students

For whomever that is interested, I’ve just created a new chat group on Telegram as a more social/familiar setting where we can discuss our progress, our other interests and for friendly banter. It seems that there used to be a Slack channel for this, but I believe this no longer exists. Compared to Slack, a Telegram “supergroup” may not have separate channels for different topics, but it is open source, free and with no limit on the number of messages that are kept in history (so that new joiners also have access to historic conversations that they can read/search through).

I would like to stress, however, that this chat is not where you should go to ask technical help and questions. Those kinds of discussions should be kept here in the forum so that others, in the future, may also benefit from them.

The primary purpose of this group is as a social outlet for those of us doing the course remotely/on our own. Something akin to the off-hand discussions you would have with your fellow peers during the in-person course.

Link to the group: https://t.me/fastai