SoCAL Group for Part-1 V3 lessons

This will be used for SoCAL (Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego…) to study together, share notes and discuss progress.


OC here, should we make a Slack group for the study group. I can create it, if anyone wants to join send me a PM!

Count me in with this study group

Count me in too

Count me in too

I’d be interested. I’m Venice.

socal +1

I made a Slack group for SoCal. Here’s the invite link for whoever’s interested:


Hi, David Carroll in West LA near the Marina/LAX. Interested in possible study group

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Not sure how active I’ll be but I’ve joined (San Diego)

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Let’s make it possible to make this group effective by sharing what you have done every day (related to deep learning, AI, ML etc.) and ask or answer questions. I am in Orange County and happy to meet anyone on Sunday morning between 9-11 AM at a starbucks located nearby to have a discussion of the course or general AI or coding along.

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For those of you wanting to run the course v3 code on your own DL machine, you may find this post I made on the forums helpful …

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Hi all, jcatanza here in Long Beach. Excited by this fantastic new course, interested in local study group.

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DeOldify guy here. Chiming in here in case there’s anybody else from San Diego (I see you there @waydegg!)


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Another Wayde and San Diego here.

If the local folks are interested in putting something together in terms of a review or first time pass of the latest v1 material in preparation for v2, lmk. I may be able to get us space at ucsd


OC here as well!

I’m in Long Beach. Are there others nearby who would like to form a group to meet on Saturday or Sunday to work through the fastai v3 course?

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I’m in OC. I’m down to meet up.

My phone number is 714-408-3571, feel free to text (:

Let’s set something up for this Sunday? I’m OC as well