Slowness on lesson 4 LanguageModelData.from_text_files (fastai 0.7)

Hi all, what’s your average loading time for LanguageModelData.from_text_files() using lesson 4 model data?

It toke 4mins for me when I timed it using %%time. That is based on spacy 1.9.0
If I use spacy 2.x, it just not return.

Can anyone shed any light on it? Thx.

I can confirm spacy==2.0.16 doesn’t return. Is downgrading the only solution?

My bad, it just takes about 10 mins for a response. Works fine with 2.0.16.

md = LanguageModelData.from_text_files(PATH, TEXT, **FILES, bs=bs, bptt=bptt, min_freq=10)

what is the solution then.Can we run it in lesser time somehow?