Singular Value Decomposition - Blog

Dear all, I’ve been an avid reader of these incredible forums on topics concerning Machine Learning. This is my first post here. I have written a blog post on Singular Value Decomposition, focused on interpreting the output of SVD, a real world application of SVD, and an attempt to quantify gains from using SVD (in a simple example).

Link to Blog Post

Hope some of you may find it useful. Will be great to get any feedback. Thanks

P.S. I have also made an accompanying Jupyter Notebook, the link to which is in the blog.


Hey, @glamdring great stuff. Quick Q, I just started writing my own using wordpress but would prefer github…how did you get latex to play nice?



Thanks Mark! Github supports MathJax (a LaTeX display engine), which makes this easy.

To publish using GitHub, all you need to do is create one Markdown file for each blog post. The markdown file will contain your maths symbols in MathJax format (which is ~close to LaTeX). GitHub will itself create HTML files for your blog from your markdown files - you just need to commit your markdown files to your blog repo.

There are several tutorials on creating a GitHub blog (I can’t recall the one I had used).

Ah okay, I will take a look - thanks.