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Hi everyone, I’m a newbie student. I found myself hard to find the most recent replies to the post (e.g… Share your work post) because I didn’t notice the not-very-clear navigation sidebar.

I’m just thinking that wouldn’t it be wonderful to show the most recent replies first as default? Maybe it can be more user-friendly.

You’ll have to ask a moderator. The mobile app development team should be able to edit the site to your liking. I like the idea tho

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As you’ve discovered you can jump to the bottom of a thread easily, and when you come back, it will jump you to the unread messages in the thread.

Refer to the keyboard shortcuts for quicker navigation.

I don’t know if the Discourse forum engine supports reverse ordering.
But just listing coding, I feel it would be more difficult to follow the flow, if discussions/threads that build upon previous comments, solutions or lessons, were in reverse order.

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Thanks for your advice. I think you are right about regular posts. I think I mean reverse order for mega posts such as Show Your Work Here. But, anyway, forum is already a great place.

Did you ask/ suggest this to a mobile app development on here? I know is a moderator.