Should the forum be divided?

The forum was created thinking about the students of the fastai course, and it is logically categorized by course-part and year.

But, in my opinion, it makes it difficult for looking for answers for the usage of the lib outside the course. Should not the forum for questions and answers for the lib be divided as the documentation (Data, Training, etc)?

A real example, I am looking for answers regarding Data in fastai v2. When I search in the forum, there are lots of answers for old fastai version and the only way to filter (that I am aware of) is to filter by #part1-v4 (which is only ok if you know when fastai2 was launched, but future users may not have this information).

Is there a way to filter by version? It seems strange for me that looking for solutions for my problem in fastai v2 I need to filter by “Part 1 - 2020” category, or is there another way?


Maybe just filter by date?


I now search with filter by date (after 08/21/20)