Sharing code, discussions, and knowledge to a local meetup group

Hi Jeremy/Rachel,
This is a question directed best to either one of you… I actively participate, and very often organize/moderate discussions for our weekly deep-learning meetup group at Raleigh, NC. You might even have heard of us by the name DL-RTP. While we have yet to make a name for ourselves in a bigly way, we continue to have fun and share knowledge.

In the coming weeks, I wanted to share the code, insights, and knowledge that I gather over the weeks of taking Fast.AI, V2 courses to the people attending our weekly seminars. If you’d rather me not, I don’t have any qualms either. Just wanted to get your opinion on if it’d be okay…

Let me know in what form or variation, otherwise, it might be okay to share the information. Thanks, and looking forward to the course.

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Hi @apil.tamang. That sounds awesome, and thanks for asking! I think best would be to wait until the MOOC is online, so that way you can share the actual lessons.

Or alternatively, you could write up some of the things you’re learning in one or more blog posts and talk to your meetup about them. A benefit of that is that people outside Rayleigh will get to benefit from your work too!

It’s entirely up to you, of course. All I’d ask is that you don’t share links to the course videos until the MOOC is public, and if you mention the fastai repo itself to stress that it’s not ready for general use - it’s only designed for students of the course at this stage.


Hi @apil.tamang, this thread is exactly what I was looking for in the forum :slight_smile:

I’m the organizer of the Deep Learning Meetup of Brasilia (Brazil). I was in the international fellowship program of the last course (part 1, end of 2017) taught by @jeremy.

I plan to use the videos recently released online by @jeremy Jeremy to give a course here in Brasilia. In order to make it great, I’m looking for feedbacks about other Meetup experiences (good and bad points) using the material : logistic, agenda, number of people, selection or not, level in python, number of teachers, video during the meetup or before, objectives, etc.

I hope that other members/participantes of the part 1 & 2 have an experience of a meetup using the course, or at least advices based on experience.

That would be great to share it here :slight_smile: Thank you in advance.

Hello @apil.tamang,

a message just to tell you that we finally started our Deep Learning study group in Brasilia :slight_smile:

We started with the Fastai part 1 :slight_smile: