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It’s been awhile since I have not read all the posts in the Share Your Work Here thread that are all about models and applications created using fastai v1. It’s IMPRESSIVE!!!

As I wanted to show some examples to a group that is learning Deep Learning in the university of Brasilia (UnB), I made a copy/paste list of projects that seemed interesting.

I apologize by advance to all those who will not find their project in this list (I quickly reviewed the 1586 posts of this thread…) but thanks to Jeremy, you can now update yourself this list :slight_smile:

Congratulations to all! Very inspiring.

How to update this list?

Anyone with a published fastai project can now update the following list with the link to his/her post explaining the project and a short description. In addition, put keywords to facilitate quick search of your project.


Amazing work @pierreguillou, thanks! I’ve pulled this into a separate topic, and made it a wiki - I hope that’s OK with you (will revert if not).

There’s a few Devanegari recognition projects which set, than improve, the SoTA, which might be worth mentioning, BTW.


Also, did you manage to find all of @alenas’s great projects? I see one gene expression one there, but I think she had 3 projects

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Thank you Jeremy for that: it will save a lot of my time :slight_smile:

Anyone with a published fastai project can now update the list with the link to his/her post explaining the project and a short description. I like it :slight_smile:

@abhikjha, @alenas: it would be great to get all your projects in the list?
Could you update it with the link to your post(s) explaining the project and a short description? Many thanks.

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Awesome stuff @pierreguillou !! Really amazing!! Thanks so much for considering my projects. I have added two of my projects in the list (I provided medium article links) which you could find useful -
a. Devanagari Handwritten Image Classifier - Fastai forum (share your work here link) - Share your work here ✅

b. Image similarity search using Fastai and Spotify Annoy - Fastai forum (share your work here link) - Share your work here ✅

Hope this is helpful.

Thanks again and all the best!!


Great work @abhikjha! :slight_smile:

I just added the links to your projects posts in the forum (in addition to the links to your articles on medium). I think it’s important to get both (both the community and the individual side).

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@rsomani95, your project is awesome! :clap::clap:

AI for FilmMaking opens up new possibilities for creativity in film production and cinematography learning.

Many thinks to do in this area and not only with images (selection of the best shot according to the feeling that the director wants to pass to the viewer, changing the colors of the image, changing the face of an actor / actress, generating images from a textual scenario, search for similar films from the summary of the film, search for music according to images, etc.). A lot to do :slight_smile:

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Hi reader of this thread :slight_smile:

When I see the craft way of how I created the first version of this list and its potential to both promote all fastai models and applications but also to help other people to find project ideas, datasets, fastai techniques, code to reuse, etc., I tell myself that it would be great to use an AI (DL & NLP) to extract titles, summaries, keywords, links to the source code, etc. from posts on the fastai forum and in the blogs about fastai projects.

In addition, this list deserves a dedicated site where it would be enough to put the link of his message on the forum fastai about his project so that the AI can automatically obtain the information above and put them into a database which would then be associated with a search engine.

If one or more people want to start this project, I will participate too with pleasure.

Building an image classifier is very easy with fastai. With just 10-15 lines of code you can have a state-of-the-art classifier.

The only challenging part is getting image urls. The best approach keeps changing. I created a function that is very similar to what jeremy uses in the 2020 course. But you don’t have to sign-up to Azure.

You can find the code and the web-app, here.

Also, I created a video showing how to use it to create your own custom dataset and use fastai to build a classifier. You can watch the video here.

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