Shanghai Fastai Study Group

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A study group has been organized via Meetup. Join us!

We will meet every Sunday:
Mornings - Pudong location
Afternoons - Puxi location (to be announced).

The study group aims are:

  • to nurture the study of deep learning from the courses
  • to connect beginners and experts interested in the library and courses
  • to showcase projects from participants who have completed the lessons on computer vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Tabular Data, and Collaborative filtering. v3 2019课程中文版笔记
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Hey @royam0820, thanks for organizing the study group. Looking forward to it.

(George Zhang) #3

I just created a WeChat group to facilitate easier communication.

Please let me know when the QR code has expired. Direct message or reply to this thread will do.

(深度碎片) #4

Hi @royam0820 , thanks for the ShangHai meetup!

Is it possible to record the meetup talks in videos and share it online? It can benefit many in the following ways:

  • help duplicate similar meetups in other cities
  • help people who can’t attend the meetups physically to learn
  • help invite more suggestions and bring more people to physical meetups


the qr code expired

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Ah, I am going to update it now.