Shanghai Fastai Study Group

A study group has been organized via Meetup. Join us!

We will meet every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Puxi locations: Yangpu - Wed, Xuhui - Thu: from 7 pm to 9 pm
Pudong location Sunday from 10 am to noon.
Thank you for WeWork for hosting these events.

The study group aims are:

  • to nurture the study of deep learning from the courses
  • to connect beginners and experts interested in the library and courses
  • to showcase projects from participants who have completed the lessons on computer vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Tabular Data, and Collaborative filtering.

We are using Slack for collaborative work, and WeChat for reaching the study group.
Slack Invitation link
Regarding WeChat, since we have reached 100 users, you now need the admin (myself) to invite you (this is a new WeChat rule). So, scan my QR code below, indicate that you wish to join the Fastai Family @ China and I will happily add you to the group.


Hey @royam0820, thanks for organizing the study group. Looking forward to it.

I just created a WeChat group to facilitate easier communication.

Please let me know when the QR code has expired. Direct message or reply to this thread will do.

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Hi @royam0820 , thanks for the ShangHai meetup!

Is it possible to record the meetup talks in videos and share it online? It can benefit many in the following ways:

  • help duplicate similar meetups in other cities
  • help people who can’t attend the meetups physically to learn
  • help invite more suggestions and bring more people to physical meetups
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the qr code expired

Ah, I am going to update it now.

Hello Daniel,
Thank you for the suggestion, I need to work on it. In the meantime, you can join our slack channel, here is the invitation link:
I will share my notes and discussion thread here.

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Hello everyone. Would like to know if this group is still active? I am currently in chengdu and was wondering if I can join the group