Setup v3 on own machine?

I know it’s recommended to use an online resource like Paperspace or Crestle, but let’s say I’ve got my own machine with Linux and an Nvidia GPU, and am a little crazy and really want to skip the online route…is there any setup script or other instructions to setup the v3 course on my own machine? Is there anything extra beyond installing PyTorch 1.0 and fastai 1.0?

I did not have any real issues getting the environment up and running. I just used the install commands from the Fastai and PyTorch sites and also installed the real NVIDIA Driver. I ran into a little snafu getting jupyter-lab to see my anaconda environments and that was solved by installing nb_conda. If you take away the research time, it was less than 10 minutes :).

They mentioned the install instructions on the fastai project’s README on Github.

Linux/Mac: Instructions for fastai v0.7
Windows: Instructions for fastai v0.7

Took me a sec to find it too. We’re gonna have to read the written instructions carefully since we’re using our own machines instead of Paperspace. :smile:

Ooh. Yes, we’ll have to be careful indeed, it looks like sort of a mishmash of instructions for both 0.7 and 1.0. Thanks for digging that up.

This will be quite an adventure. It’s been my experience that installing anything from scratch on Linux, is like trying to write legendary French poetry when all you know is “oui” and “bonjour.” I wish someone would come up with an NN that figures out exactly what you need and installs it. Anyway, good luck!