Setup required before the course 4 begins


I am not sure if this question has been raised somewhere else or was answered over emails but I dont have an idea of what needs to be setup before the course starts.

My understanding is that we need to setup fastai v2 library on our laptop to start with the classes. Is there something else that I am missing?

Apologies if this was already answered.

Ganesh Bhat

Usually the recommendation is to use google colab or similar online resource so that you are not messing around with setting up an environment. The first class will probably talk resources for getting started.

Source: I took the class last year


@ganesh.bhat If you have a GPU on your laptop and the cuda drivers setup, then you can definitely use your own machine by installing fastai v2. If you don’t have a GPU you can go ahead using any of the cloud options mentioned in the server setup page of the fastai website since it’s mandatory to have a decent GPU for following along in the course.

I second @marii on Colab, it’s what I’ll be personally using for the entire thing (and what I mainly run my code in anyways)

Thanks @harish3110 @marii @muellerzr.

I have a 4 GB Intel HD Graphics 320 on my laptop which doesn’t support cuda.

Looks like Google colab or kaggle kernels are the only option.


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