Setup AWS AmazonLinux2 with poetry (2021)

The current walkthrough for how to set up an AWS instance for the course is quite cumbersome and simply does not work. To start, the current AWS 20.04 ubuntu offering is by which does not allow sudo commands. Moreover, it is long and tedious.

I was able to install the machine simply by using the default official ML Amazon 2 AMI with poetry as an installer.

  1. I used amazon/Deep Learning Base AMI (Amazon Linux 2) Version 45.0 (ami-09250597769156ab6).
  2. Then I installed poetry using pip install poetry ( - much better than conda or pip. I actually work!)
  3. To get the book code: git clone
  4. cd fastbook and then poetry init + enters
  5. poetry add fastai and poetry add jupyter

Here is the poetry.toml file you can use directly:

name = "fastbook"
version = "0.1.0"
description = ""
authors = ["hanan"]

python = ">=3.7.1,<4.0"
fastai = "^2.5.3"
jupyter = "^1.0.0"
sklearn = "^0.0"
scikit-learn = "^1.0.1"
pandas = "^1.3.4"


requires = ["poetry-core>=1.0.0"]
build-backend = "poetry.core.masonry.api"

That’s it.

Hi Hanan,
do you have experience with Amazon Sagemaker too? I tried yesterday to setup the Sagemaker notebook, tried to choose the “fastai” kernel, but this kernel did not show up.
thanks Kurt

Hi Hanan,

Use the Amazon Linux 2 virtual machine (VM) images for on-premises development and testing. These images are available for use on the following virtualization platforms:

  • VMWare
  • KVM
  • VirtualBox (Oracle VM)
  • Microsoft Hyper-V

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