Setting up paperspace account red flag alert

I just created an account on paperspace and followed the instruction on the 1st video from Jeremy.
As I started I clicked on Linux templates and clicked on “Ubuntu 16.04” as he instructed.

I immediately received an alert telling me I dont have access to this area…
paperspace wanted to know why I needed access… so I told them and sent the response.

(I signed up today and still have not heard from them)

Is this normal? has something changed on the setup and I’m not aware?

Any feedback will be appreciated


All good paperspace just approved my setting… ahhhhhhh happy now

Wow that was quick! I signed up for an account almost a week ago and still no response. What was your secret?

Hey Kachi O
Here was there response… below

Hi there,

We’re a bit delayed on processing VM access requests right now, but in the meantime you can get started with Gradient today.

Gradient is a new service provided by Paperspace that utilizes the same GPUs you requested (and more) and includes a one-click Jupyter Notebook, perfect for taking the course. Click “Notebooks” in your Console, click “Create Notebook”, choose the template, and you’re good to go!

Here’s a help center article on Getting Starting with Notebooks.

You’ll still receive an email when your request for the VM is approved.



I could not get the compute package but will try the Gradient… will keep you posted if I have any luck