Setting up GPU for fastai_v3

Got the same error in all configs

Check this thread

I believe this one from @cpbotha tutorial

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I can’t make the code of lesson1-pets run on my GPU, it is defaulting back and using the CPU.

Using the same conda environment with keras and tensorflow it works with the command
os.environ[“CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES”] = ‘0’
But this command seems not to be working with…

Another attempt was:
device = torch.device(‘cuda’ if torch.cuda.is_available() else ‘cpu’)
print(Using device: device)
This is printing: Using device cuda
But the CPU gets really loud so I can tell that the model is trained on the cpu.

Any suggestions?

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Hi, I just started and have the same issue. I was wondering if fastai was using my GPU or not. I end up using the util gpu-z where you can have a look at gpu clock and gpu load and then I can see that as the model train the gpu clock increase to handle the work load.

So try that to see if your is using gpu or not.


Try checking GPU usage with nvidia-smi command to make sure if GPU is being used or not

The GPU seems to be used by my environment.
The process:
0 9492 C …n\Anaconda3\envs\dl-gpu_py36\python.exe N/A
is listed.

I tried all the above steps twice:
in the first try i was unable to do it because of some connectivity issue
but the second time when i started and along with the git clone command I added a file name “deeplearning” as it was showing me that there already exists a file there and hence path destination error of some kind
but now i am not able to find that whole folder anywhere?
what should i do now?
I’ve searched everywhere…
plzzz hellpppppp