Setting up a PC for the classes


I have a PC that I built for learning Deep Learning, which I want to use for this V3 class.

Are there going to be any instructions ahead of the class on how to set it up. Are we going to use v1 of fastai and the v1 of pytorch?


Looks like this might be the right place to start: Fastai v1 install issues thread

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@tbatchelli Please check here:

In general, I’ve found with the fastai community, a search before creating a new thread might always get you the answer you’re looking for :slight_smile:


That’s a great write up!

Thanks for putting it together. I really appreciate the steps to verify the install.

Not sure how I missed it :frowning:

I am all set.

Np! :slight_smile:

Do we need fast ai v1 for course? On github readme it mentions we have to use fastai 0.7.

fastai v1 will be used for the latest course.
The 0.7 release stands to support the ML course and students taking up legacy version of the course. (In the fastai world, legacy is just 1 year old :slight_smile: )

Oh ok. I better start working on installation.