Sentiment analysis for IMDB reviews - ULMFit Process on a picture

I just wanted to share a diagram I did to visualize what is done in the notebook

and also on the NLP course

I find a simple drawing convenient to explain the code.

Made on tablet using (free)

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Great idea to put the whole ULMFit process into one picture!

Maybe one thought for improvement:

  • on the left side (language model) you actually load architecture + weights from the pretrained AWD-LSTM, so I guess “Model” would be more exact than “Architecture”
  • on the right side it’s correct that you only take the AWD-LSTM architecture and then load in the weights from your fine-tuned encoder. So technically you don’t even load the architecture from a pre-trained model but only specify it as AWD-LSTM (i.e. you can even set pretrained=False here)