Sentiment analysis accuracy - Lesson 1

Is it just me or is the sentiment analysis model using the IMDB dataset in Lesson 1 really bad since its accuracy is very poor when I run some test on it although the training code cell output shows an accuracy of 0.92. Or am I doing something wrong. Please help.

Hi Rajarshi1 hope you are having a beautiful day!

  • Running the exact same code as shown in the diagram with one difference - training is done with the following parameter settings (2, 1e2).

  • Seems to produce better results.

epoch	train_loss	valid_loss	accuracy	time
0	0.456642	0.391752	0.823480	03:44
epoch	train_loss	valid_loss	accuracy	time
0	0.296570	0.278636	0.886960	07:36
1	0.220235	0.198710	0.922680	07:36
('neg', tensor(0), tensor([0.7191, 0.2809]))
  • Also if you try these two statements you may notice order of words makes a difference.
movie_rec = "I loved and hated that movie"
prediction = learn.predict(movie_rec)

movie_rec = "I hated and loved that movie"
prediction = learn.predict(movie_rec)

Maybe training slightly less will help.

Cheers mrfabulous! :smiley: :smiley:

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Hey hi! Thanks for that! Question: How do I train it “slightly less”? hehe newb here please help

Hey @mrfabulous1 I ran the test with (2, 1e2) parameters and this was the result:

accuracy - 0.50


Hi Rajarshi1 hope all is well!

Not sure what the problem is, your code looks okay and is running the same version as mine.

Normally I would suggest running
learn.summary() and dls.summary() but they don’t seem to be working on this tabular dataset at present. :frowning_face:

Try running

This is what mine looked like this morning.

Maybe you could experiment with some different learning rates?

Cheers mrfabulous1 :smiley: :smiley: