@rahuluppari, I think that you need to make sure that the wiki downloads are in that location. I am sure that there are lots of ways to do it, but I use a config file to make sure everything is where I expected it to be.

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@Daniel.R.Armstrong, thanks for your reply.

Even I’m using config file for wiki downloads, still it is giving me the error.
below is the snapshot of the downloads.

Anyother way to solve this error.


Even i tried doing the same thing in Google Colab.
It is giving me the same error.

@rahuluppari, If i was you, I would clone the fastai nlp repo and run the vietnamese notebook while you are following along with lesson 10 , to make sure it works. After that do the same with the Turkish notebook. After that you can make changes to fit your needs.

Thanks @Daniel.R.Armstrong,

I have one more small, it might sound silly.

I have no idea from where I can get the fastai nlp repo.

Many thanks @Daniel.R.Armstrong

Could you help me understand one more thing. where should i clone the repository should i clone it through command or should i download zip folder from git hub and store it.

but to which location?

I didnt follow these instructions but they look pretty good.

@rahuluppari if you want a different perspective on the fastai nlp class, this was a study group.

Many thanks @Daniel.R.Armstrong.

Even after trying these steps it is still giving the path error.

If i use the same in linux will it make any difference and able to help me execute my code.

Rahul Ramchandra Uppari.

@rahuluppari , I had issues with cofig files and path defaults in, when I started using it. You need to inspect the path variables, and make sure you look at the each step. Sometimes I break apart a function and look what is happening step by step. I would also delete the wiki folder then try again.

It is complete junk, I didn’t know what I was doing, when I did it, but this is the notebook that I used to do it for french on GCP. Keep in mind that I didn’t run the code top to bottom.

Hi Daniel

I have trained a sentencepiece tokenizer and have the .vocab and .model files in a tmp folder. If I wanted to use them again How would I pass these into fastai2’s datablock?


I haven’t had the time use SentencePiece in v2, sorry!