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Selenium may be a transportable framework for testing internet applications. Selenium provides a playback (formerly additionally recording) tool for authoring purposeful take a look at is while not the necessity to find out a test scripting language (Selenium IDE). It additionally provides a take a look at domain-specific language (Selenese) to write down tests in an exceedingly range of in style programming languages, together with C#, Groovy, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Scala. The tests will then run against newest internet browsers. Selenium deploys on Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms. It is ASCII text file software package, free underneath the Apache a pair of.0 license: internet developers will transfer and use it for free of charge.
Name Derivation:
The word selenium is derived from a funny barter comedy made by Mr. William Huggins. He had sent an email, mocking as a contestant named Mercury, voice communication that you just will cure intoxication of Mercury poisoning by taking Se supplements. The People who received the email thought “SELENIUM” as the name and ran with it.
The story starts in 2004 at ThoughtWorks in Chicago, with Jason Huggins building the Core mode as “JavaScriptTestRunner” for the testing of an internal Time and Expenses application (Python, Plone). Automatic testing of any applications is core to ThoughtWork’s vogue, given the Agile leanings of this consultancy. He has facilitates from Paul Gross and Jie Tina Wang. For them, this was a day job.
Jason started demoing the check tool to numerous colleagues. several were excited regarding its immediate and intuitive visual feedback, also as its potential to grow as a reusable testing framework for different internet applications.
ThoughtWorkers in numerous offices round the world picked up Se for industrial comes, and contributed back to Se from the teachings learned on these comes. Mike Williams, Darrell Deboer, and Darren Cotterill all helped with the increasing the capabilities and the robustness of it.

Selenium consists of many elements with every usurping a selected role in aiding the event of internet application check automation.

⦁ Selenium IDE
⦁ Selenium client API
⦁ Selenium WebDriver
⦁ Selenium Remote Control
⦁ Selenium Grid

Selenium IDE:
Selenium IDE may be a complete integrated development atmosphere (IDE) for chemical element tests. it’s enforced as a Firefox Add-On and as a Chrome Extension. It and permits for recording, editing, and debugging of practical tests. it absolutely was antecedently called chemical element Recorder. selenium-IDE was originally created by Shinya Kasatani and given to the Selenium project in 2006. Selenium IDE was antecedently little-maintained.[4] chemical element IDE began being actively maintained in 2018.
Scripts could also be mechanically recorded and emended manually providing autocompletion support and also the ability to maneuver commands around quickly. Scripts ar recorded in Selenese, a special take a look at scripting language for Se. Selenese provides commands for acting actions during a browser (click a link, choose associate degree option), and for retrieving knowledge from the ensuing pages.

Selenium may be a suite of tools that helps in automating solely internet applications. You must have a basic understanding of Java or the other object-oriented Programming language for victimization Selenium .It has capabilities to control across completely different browsers and in operation systems.
⦁ Selenium IDE -a Firefox plug in that lets testers to record their actions as they follow the progress that they have to check.
⦁ Selenium RC-was the flagship testing framework that allowed over easy browser actions and linear execution. It makes use of the complete power of programming languages like Java, C#, PHP, Python, Ruby and PERL to make a lot of advanced tests.
⦁ Selenium Web Driver-is the successor to element RC that sends commands on to the browser and retrieves results.
⦁ Selenium Grid-is a tool wont to run parallel tests across {different totally completely different completely different} machines and different browsers at the same time which ends up in decreased execution time.

WEBDRIVER is Available For:

⦁ chrome
⦁ Firefox
⦁ IE
⦁ opera
⦁ edge
⦁ safari

# We can even use languages:

⦁ C++
⦁ Python
⦁ Ruby
⦁ Java
⦁ Javascript

Test Automation for Web Applications:
Many, maybe most, code applications nowadays area unit written as web-based applications to be run in an online browser. The effectiveness of testing these applications varies wide among corporations and organizations. In associate era of extremely interactive and responsive code processes wherever several organizations area unit exploitation some type of Agile methodology, check automation is often changing into a demand for code comes. check automation is commonly the solution. check automation means that employing a code tool to run repeatable tests against the applying to be tested. For regression testing this provides that responsiveness.
There are several benefits to check automation. Most are associated with the repeat ability of the tests and also the speed at that the tests are often dead. There are variety of economic and open supply tools out there for helping with the event of check automation. antioxidant is presumably the foremost widely-used open supply answer. This user’s guide can assist each new and practiced antioxidant users in learning effective techniques in building check automation for net applications.
Test automation has specific benefits for up the long-run potency of a software package team’s testing processes.
Test automation supports:
⦁ Frequent regression testing
⦁ Rapid feedback to developers
⦁ Virtually unlimited iterations of test case execution
⦁ Support for Agile and extreme development methodologies
⦁ Disciplined documentation of test cases
⦁ Customized defect reporting
⦁ Finding defects missed by manual testing
Mobile Testing Support:
With selenium, you’ll conjointly take a look at native, hybrid, or net mobile apps, tho’ you’ll would like further package. There square measure two main choices – Appium and Selendroid. they’re each supported element in order that developers already versed in it will apply identical principles once testing mobile apps.
Both tools ar open supply and have nice community support. the most distinction is that Appium supports iOS, Android, and Windows devices, whereas Selendroid targeted completely on android. Selendroid conjointly bundles with Appium in order that once you test for android versions 2.3 through 4.3, the program can mechanically switch to Selendroid.
It may appear that mistreatment Appium may be a a lot of logical selection because it doesn’t limit you to at least one OS. However, it makes a lot of sense to simply use Selendroid if you’re going to testandroid completely. It additionally incorporates a few not bad options like “hot plugging” – you’llconnect devices and disconnect them while not interrupting the tests, increasing the amount of emulators or hardware devices that may be tested at an equivalent time.

There square measure 2 a lot of niche tools you would possibly wish to understand concerning as well:
⦁ Robotium – a black-box testing framework for Android
⦁ ios-driver – a Selenium WebDriver API for iOS testing integrated with Selenium Grid
Flexibility and Extensibility:
You’ll notice that selenium is very versatile. There are some ways you’ll be able to add practicality to each selenium take a look at scripts and Selenium’s framework to customise your take a look at automation. this is often maybe Selenium’s greatest strength in comparison with alternative automation tools. These customizations are represented in varied places throughout this document. additionally, since selenium is Open supply, the sourcecode will continually be downloaded and changed.

Selenium isn’t good however it’s simply ok for testers to place forth a bigger effort and ignore the codeless trend. It hits that sweet spot once you’re ready to pay a number of hours searching for an answer on-line rather than obtaining the assistance you procured. And it still contains a few aces up its sleeve that match right in with today’s engineering narrative: quicker delivery, returning in little sections to handle simply, receiving immediate feedback.
Selenium could be a universal use case. It doesn’t overshadow all of the opposite check automation tools, particularly if you have got the allow them. However its monopolizing nature causes you to deliberate before you look the opposite method. Perhaps, it’s not that unhealthy.

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