Seeking an internship in the field of DL/ML [London]

Hi everyone! My name is Johan Gras, I’m a french Master’s student majoring in computer science. Next year, I will be part of the research specialty “AI and Robotic”.

I’m looking for a summer internship in the field of deep learning or machine learning in London.

I’ve already worked on several personal and academic projects dealing with : machine learning, game theory, big data and much more,… Recently, I’ve been through Part1 of the FastAI course and I’m really excited to start the second part. :blush:
In addition, I have a theoretical AI background learned at my University.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have regarding my profile.
If you have any kind of opportunity, I will be happy to discuss with you about it.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Edit : link to my GitHub profile.

Thanks for sharing Johan - and good luck with your search!

Can I suggest that you (and anyone interested in finding a job or internship in this field) make a portfolio available so that potential employers can see what you can do? For instance, check out @brendan’s portfolio mini-site which has web apps, writings, kaggle stuff, etc.

(If you don’t yet have a strong portfolio, you’ll get lots of opportunities in part 2 of the course to create cool stuff!)


Good Luck! @Johan

You can checkout remote ML for any oppurtunities.
Also, I’d suggest you could find some basic Freelance work via upwork which would be as good as an internship. The only downside might be that instead of getting mentored, you might be googling stuff by yourself.

For another sample Portfolio (Not nearly as good as the One Jeremy has shared), here’s mine



Thanks for replying !

Actually, I have a small portfolio on my GitHub.
I haven’t included it, because I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate.
But thanks for the advice !

Should I still build a portfolio mini-site ?

Thanks for that :slight_smile:

Not that not googling stuff by myself is a problem. Though, I’m not sure if my university will be ok with that, because I have to do an internship in order to validate my semester…

Nice piece of work !