Searchable documentation for FastAI 2020

Suppose I am looking for the source of a particular function. I know that I can type


to get some information.

But I don’t know how to find the searchable documentation, as advertised with nbdev. Thanks!

That would live in the documentation website:

You can also pull up the exact documentation spot if you have nbdev installed:

!pip install nbdev

On the tab that pops up will be a blue hyperlink to the documentation


Ahh! I was on that page too, just wasn’t seeing the search box. Thanks.

I’m not currently getting the nbdev version to work, but I am in a docker container. (and it is already installed). I will continue playing around with it, though.

Ok, now, I am able to get the doc(myfunc) to work. I also needed

from nbdev.showdoc import *

in the file, besides having nbdev installed.

Thank you!

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