Scientific Swift (talk)

Here’s a great talk by my online friend hyperjeff about using Swift for scientific programming, notably the fact that using emoji can make code look very natural in the domain of math-based problems:

It would be cool to take advantage of these Swift features.


Yeah, that’s a great talk. He goes a bit overboard with unicode which could be off-putting for some people, but it’s a great example of the sorts of things you can do with Swift that few people realize.


This is one of the most exciting things I have seen in so long! I’m an old school scientific programmer and now a beginner in Swift. This talk perfectly sits on the intersection and makes me want to explore the language even more.

Thank you for sharing it.

I am terrified of unicode, but I love the idea of using unicode! I can see how this could go hand in hand with Jeremy’s love for Iverson’s “Code as a tool for though”. Maybe it could become “Math as a tool for code”. I think it would be truely amazing if a user could implement any paper by simply copying the formula and defining/overwriting the math notation functions.

Or how about LaTex/english to unicode to swift. We write in english to define the unicode, that is used in swift.

Maybe you could even summarize/refactor the mathmatical formulas to English with a NN.

I would love to help make this a reality! If anyone know how I could help.

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