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This is the study group for the fastai course as part of the School of AI Beijing.

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April 15 Meetup — Lesson 1 review

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Hello :smiley:

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hello. OK.

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Nice to be here. Let’s study hard guys!

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Wishing everyone good luck!

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Yay, I’m in! :slight_smile:

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It takes too much time to train a dataset on google colab. I don’t know if it’s okay speed or not. Is there a way to check a speed of training a dataset?

First, you need to enable GPU in Colab notebook:

11%20AM 19%20AM

Then, to see if that worked, try this code in your notebook:

import torch

If it prints False it means it is not available.

it’s True. Trains much faster.
However it’s still slow I suppose. is there a way to check a speed of model training and test the speed against other GPU survices???
it’s 25 min per epoch, if 4 epochs , it’s basically almost 2 hrs. Having very unstable internet connection here in China, my first attempt to train on dataset was unsuccessful, I lost internet connection((((((.

Hellomeow! :upside_down_face:


I already trained my fastai model on dataset and saved weights (‘stage-1’), but every time I open google colab notebook, I need to do training all over again, how to avoid it and access trained model for interpretation???

If I run it in Jupyter notebook on my laptop, can this help?

Hi everyone - looking forward to tackling with you over the next little while!

Has anyone been using Crestle for notebook and GPU? It was working perfectly for the past week, but today I keep getting a “Page not found” error when launching the course session. I’ve emailed support but was wondering if anyone has had a similar issue? Cheers!

Nevermind, all working again!

I am now starting to do the image dataset classification for further deep learning courses.

page not found happened to me as well. My problem was that I had no money on my bank account I linked to As long as I charged my bank card again, it worked!

I’m usiing colab with GPU enabled.
learn.lr_find() sometimes prompted the message with red “Interrupted” but disappears next, so I can not get a screenshot of it.
but learn.recorder.plot() after it still can show…

Anyone saw this and know why it is?

It might be a problem on the sever side. I am not sure how to solve it. If learn.recorder.plot() still shows the output, then it should be fine and you shouldn’t worry about it.

@Max Hey…plz dont forget to share on how to plot the Train/Valid loss.vs epochs


oor Never mind. It is actually explained in lesson 2.