SaveModelCallback not working with tabular learner?

Hi, I am encountering an error when using with a tabular learner.

   learn = tabular_learner(data, 
                            layers=[300,100], #two cycles with 300 rows then 100 rows in the matrix 
                            #emb_szs = xxx, #embedding defaults usd
                            metrics=rmse, #metric of interest
                            ps = [.1, .2], #sets the drop out between cycles
                            emb_drop = .1  #embedding drop-out prior to training

learn.fit_one_cycle(cyc_len = 20, max_lr = 1e-1, wd=1e-4, moms=(0.8, 0.7),
callbacks = [SaveModelCallback(learn, every='epoch', monitor='valid_loss')])

I get the error “NameError: name ‘SaveModelCallback’ is not defined.”

I’m wondering this callback isn’t working?

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