San Francisco Kaggle Team


Anyone interested in forming a team for a Kaggle competition?

There are a couple of interesting competitions, open and older ones too:


I’d be down. This looked like the most interesting one to start that still has time left. I think there was an earlier thread about sing 2-channel images with resnet - although someone found a workaround for it.

I am down if there is any NLP based competition

There’s an English and Russian language reading Kaggle open, but it closes very soon. like the 14th. The Russian one doesn’t have many teams in it.

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Among the open ones, the zillow prediction seems interesting (2 months left)

Hey I agree there are quite a few interesting competitions. I would say at this point a computer vision contest is better since in order to utilize what we learned in the course.

Submissions for Zillow closed in October, unfortunately.

Hi Stathis, I am not from San Francisco but interested in joining the team and work on a computer vision related Kaggle competition. one)

I would like to participate any Kaggle competitions.

I would like to propose meeting this Friday at 17.00 (I am flexible with time). Let me know who’s in.

I don’t have a place in mind but perhaps USF could give us a room if there is any available, I could ask Mindi when we settle on the time. Alternatively I think we have a shared workspace in my company that we can use. I’ll ask tomorrow.

I am also interested. I can meet tomorrow at USF for the project/discussion.

Anyone interested in this competition announced today? We can talk next Monday or feel free to ping me.