Sagemaker fastai kernel huh, what is it good for?

I have had a really hard time getting a Sagemaker notebook instance set up with the fastai kernel. The official Sagemaker cloud formation links don’t work for me. (When I click on the links I get the error “You must specify a Stack ID. Displaying your Stacks page. S3 error: Access Denied For more information check.”) I was able to create a notebook instance using the cloud formation template
generously supplied by Shobhit here but if I stop and restart the notebook the fastai kernel no longer appears as an option.

My main question is this: do I really need the fastai kernel or is it Ok to just pip install fastai and fastcore when I launch a jupyter notebook? When I tried doing this, it seems to work Ok but want to make sure I am not going down an unproductive road.

As you can probably tell, I am a noob at AWS so any comments or guidance would be greatly appreciated.