S4tf v0.6 and swift notebook

Has anyone successfully try all the swift notebooks on s4tf version 0.6?

They’re part of the continuous integration with s4tf, so yes they should all be fine.

Yup; +1 to what @jeremy said. If you encounter any issues, please do raise an issue here or on the mailing list! Thanks. :slight_smile:

Great! I’ll try it out.

\o/ I made the fastai swift notebooks run on my Ubuntu 18.04 laptop!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!

( I messed up my 16.04 kernel so bad, I could not boot from an USB to install 18.04, I was closed out from my computer for 4 hours. )

Caveat: Follow the steps!

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Hi, when I run the “01a_fastai_layers” notebook

At the Dense layer’s code I get this:

error: Couldn’t lookup symbols:

if the code should work (I have installed swift and swift tensorflow, and it is working on my Ubuntu 18.04), then I will raise an issue