S4TF is Dead, Long live SwiftTorch?

Hey all it seems that Swift for Tensorflow is now in archive mode. Since the FastAI project builds on pytorch, would there be any interest in a Swift Torch based library?

There is a C++ api for pytorch

Additionally C++ interoperability with swift is currently in an in progress state.

Seems like the original rational behind using the swift language still hold valid, would people be interested in developing SwiftAI on top of the LibTorch C++ backend ?

Is there interest for this?
Are there any reasons not to?
Have the reasons for adopting swift changed?

I suppose this partially depends on the future direction of FastAI + Swift.

I don’t think there would be interest in that.

The main interest in s4tf from fastai was the possible ability to write fast kernels in the host language. At this moment, the marginal benefits of native host language support for kernels do not offset the additional compiler infrastructure costs and the costs of filling the language ecosystem gaps. Even if the compiler tech was there, you could always meta-program it from python.