Running out of hard drive space of P2 large instance

I have a dataset with 250 GB but the max storage space on P2 large is 125 GB. How can I use the full dataset with P2 large instance. Is there a way to connect P2 instance with S3 bucket?

Use an additional EBS volume for your data. Can’t remember what the size limit on those is, but larger than my wallet.

You can also use S3 for cheaper storage (but longer read write times) for data you aren’t actively using.

You can expand the size of the volume on AWS.

You might find this guide useful

in summary, you’d take an archiving “snapshot” of your current volume. Create a new volume from the snapshot and increase the volume from there. Once the new volume is available, you would stop your EC2 instance and then “detach” the current volume. then “attach” your new resized volume. Then you could restart your instance as usual and the instance will have all your old data and configuration with more available storage.

And then you could delete the old volume. AWS will charge you the additional storage even when you’re not using it.