Running multiple models at the same time

Is it possible to run multiple models sequentialy in a loop?

Let me explain, I have a self driving car model looking at the road. My model is fed with a picture of the road, and it predicts the steering angle.
I want to add a second model looking at road signs.

Before trying to do it, i wanted to know if it was possible to load 2 models, and run the 2 predicts one after the other in a loop. I do not need them to happen at the same time.

Is it possible to load 2 models?

Absolutely! Make two different learners, eg learn1 and learn2 and trap it in a for loop when you do predictions. I had one nesting-doll like model where I took the input of one, given its result, it ran one of three other models, and then I kept that final result.


Perfect! Thanks a lot!

could you please give me an example about multi-model with learn1, learn2.