Running Jupyter Notebooks from my AWS server


So I am trying to run jupyter notebooks from my AWS server and every time I run a longer piece of code, I get an error that my kernel has died. I do not have this issue when running the same code chuck in jupyter notebooks from my own laptop.

Any ideas on why this might be happening and how I can fix it?

Note: I am using a t2.medium


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This could be because your laptop likely has more memory (RAM) than t2.medium. One of your lines of code might be attempting to load a large file into memory all at once (possibly the read_csv line, if you’ve set low_memory to False). This can cause the Jupyter notebook’s kernel to die.

I think a good way of trying to solve this issue would be to identify which line of code kills your Juputer kernel on AWS.

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Also, note that free -h in the terminal shows your available RAM.

okay, that must be the issue… bummer.