Running a fastai model in iOS using CoreML

(David Pfahler) #1

I recently wrote an article about running a fastai model in the browser. Today, I am sharing my next end-to-end example that trains a fastai vision classifier model, exports to CoreML (via ONNX) and build a react-native app around it. I hope you enjoy!

See my article about it here.

The code and notebook can be found in this repo:

I’m looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.


(Miodrag Vujkovic) #2

This is super useful.

Just one question. Why react native. Why not native iOS app?


(Nitin Pasumarthy) #3

This is amazing work! I am also planning to use my fastai unet model on the server. Any thoughts on how run them on Java based servers? ONNX looks like only supports CLang based runtimes.