Run Gradient notebooks on Google Colab


I have been working on Part 1 of the course on Paperspace Gradient. Hence my notebooks there are ‘useful’ since they have extra comments, sections etc. which I have added for my understanding.
However, the availability of Paperspace notebooks is patchy these days, so I wish to switch to Google Colab.
I want to download those python notebooks on Gradient and upload them on Google Drive (for working with Colab). The scripts run well as expected, but the images would not load.
I understand that some minor changes will have to be made to load the images, but I am unable to find them.

PS: Following Colab notebooks as listed on the course website is an option, but I want to keep my ‘edited’ notebooks for working

Here is what a cell with images looks like

The images are stored in the correct directory

Whereas I would like to have the result like (from the notebook on the book’s website under Colab)