Ruminations on Keras Variable-Naming Conventions

Hi there,
As I’m getting deeper (heh) into working with Keras, I’m finding myself wanting to adopt some kind of coding style that allows me to more easily between objects-that-act-as-functions (such as layers), objects-that-act-as-placeholders, and actual-python-variables-with-values. I of course can just come up with an arbitrary one myself, but I was wondering:

– If anyone is feeling a similar frustration
– If anyone else has seen anyone try to solve this problem
– If anyone has started using any kind of convention themselves
– If the above indeed a useful taxonomy of the different ways variables can operate within a computational graph framework, or if I’m just generalizing from too little experience. (like, for example, perhaps it’s more useful to just make a distinction between placeholder-objects and having-value objects, since objects within the keras functional API can kinda just be thought of as functions)