RTX 2070, which company to buy from?

I currently use a GTX 1050 Ti and would like to upgrade, maybe use both graphic cards if possible, and after reading this article

I decided on the RTX 2070.
My problem is that there are many different versions from companies like MSI, Gainward, Gigabyte, Asus, …
I have no idea at all about graphic cards, is there anything to look out for?
They range from about 470 to 740€, should I just buy the cheapest one?
Or does someone have a recommendation for a specific version?

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Go for the Asus Turbo. It is specifically engineered with a special ball-bearing fan which should ensure some 4X lifespan wrt founder’s. Furthermore, it’s a blower version, which works more efficiently as you stack many of such cards tightly.

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Ok, thank you. I have 2 more questions:

  1. When searching for RTX 2070 blower version I also found the ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 2070 Blower. I could get this one for 40€ less, would you still recommend the Asus Turbo despite the price difference, because of the ball-bearing fan?
  2. My current graphics card is the KFA2 GTX 1050 Ti OC. As this one is not a blower version, might using it together with the Asus Turbo be a bad idea and have a negative impact on the Asus Turbo?

Yes. Remember that probably you want to use it for a minimum of a couple years, and dust accumulation inside high airflow case should not be underestimated. Obviously if you plan to sell it after some six months for buying something more powerful, this becomes a non-issue.

A 1050ti is pretty useless as deep-learning device, mainly because of its little vram. I advise you to let it drive the monitor, so that the 2070 can do its job unhindered.


First of all you’ll be getting a massive performance gain if you’re getting a 2070 after using a 1050ti so brace yourself for that, secondly to answer your question: Running together 1050ti and 2070 isnt the best idea, you cant SLI them as they are both different GPUs with different architecture but as long as you’re looking to use the 1050ti for separate rendering purposes you can work it out but still there isnt really a point of running those two cards together as you wont get any benefit in gaming. Lastly, you asked which variant to get: Honestly please don’t skimp out because buying a GPU is a one time thing and save up some money, get the best of them, for reference go over https://appuals.com/best-rtx-2070/ to take your final decision they have given a brief review of some of the top 1070’s you can find out there.