RSS feed is broken

This is a follow up of another post.

The old RSS feed is gone. The new one (only discoverable by inspecting the HTML) is malformed (error on line 82 at column 71: xmlParseEntityRef: no name).

According to @strickvl, this may be related to the migration to Quarto.

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Quarto has these docs that seem relevant. Perhaps give this a try?


Just to make sure we are on the same page here, the problem I’m reporting occurs on blog, not on some nbdev personal project. I’m reporting here because of a suggestion someone gave me in the other post.

Please let me know if this bug report should be posted in another place. I myself could not find a GitHub repo for that site.

Thanks, @tendency! I’ve made the change, in a couple of minutes, you should see a new RSS button on the upper right hand side in the Navbar, to the left of the search button.

cc: @jeremy


Thanks @hamelsmu. Can I just confirm - did you fix the bug mentioned in the top post, or just add an icon to make the RSS easier to find?

sorry about that! I completely misread this thread. My apologies. Seems like the RSS problem is still persisting :confused:

Seems like the full contents of a page are being dumped into the RSS feed Feed Validator Results:, and there are some things that its not liking. I’ll see what I can do here

@jeremy the issue is that we are using an old version of Quarto to deploy the blog site. We can see that the RSS feed is rendered properly here

This is why it works locally but not when you deploy it

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Update: I fixed it by changing this in the deploy action:

name: Quarto Publish
  push: { branches: master }
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    permissions: {contents: write}
      - uses: actions/checkout@v2
      - uses: quarto-dev/quarto-actions/setup@v2
+        with:
+          version: "pre-release"
      - name: Render and Publish
        uses: quarto-dev/quarto-actions/publish@v2
        with: {target: gh-pages}
          GITHUB_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}

@tendency you should now be able to see the RSS feed!
@strickvl see above on how to use the “pre-release” which will resolve the RSS problem


Working fine now.

Thank you very much, @hamelsmu!

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Thanks heaps for fixing it @hamelsmu

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Maybe a silly question.

Is the repo used to blog on a public one?
Just to be inspired by the way you setup it.

(e.g. how you setup rss feed to have favicon in your rss reader, and thumbnails aside articles)