RMSPE oscillate in Rossmann notebook _ lesson 4

I’m learning the lesson 4 with Entity Embedding and there are something that I’m not understand. (I ran the notebook in order until Sample section)

  • m.lr_find() to find the appropriate learning rate stop at 59%

  • When I’m fitting the model, the loss and RMSPE are too small and it was not decreasing but oscillating not in any order

  • For dropout parameter, I wonder why it is so small. emb_drop = 0.04 ; drops = [0.001,0.01]. It means that the model is very easy to overfitting because we drop almost nothing.

This is the first time I attack the structure learning. I am very appreciate if someone can help me to clarify these problem. Thank you so much

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I post the same question at Wiki_lesson4 and get the answer. The reason why the exp_rmspe is so small comparing to the original notebook is because of setting val_idx=[0] before learning. If someone try to run the notebook in order, should comment this line to get the proper results.