RetinaFace face detection with landmarks. How to train landmarks when not all data is labeled?


I am working on training RetinaFace model in tensorflow and facing interesting issue with landmarks. This model has two outputs: standard one - boxes for detected faces and their improvement - 5 landmarks for eyes, nose and mouth.
How it should look:

Landmarks regression is part of total loss. Some data has landmarks ground truth, some has only boxes for faces and no landmarks. When ground truth has no data I set the loss for landmarks to 0. While training the issue looks as landmarks overfit on bad predictions.
What I get:

Most of landmarks don’t learn and stay along the y=x line. The question is are there any standard ways to overcome big amounts of unlabeled data?
I thought about adding weight to landmarks, but now, when I wrote down the question, I have second thought and idea that loss = 0 is bad and I should try setting it high, so model won’t think that learning y=x is good result.
Any ideas and suggestions are welcome.


Update: Disregard this question.

After fixing a lot of bugs of different origin Landmarks started to work

Do you mind what you did to get this to work?
did you still set loss =0 for those who didnt have landmarks?
Thanks a lot

Yes, faces without groundtruth were set to have landmarks regression loss to 0. This way they never went to OHEM (online hard examples mining) and didn’t participate in total loss. The model trained pretty well.
There are some good pytorch and tensorflow re-implementations on github, if you want to read code and go into details.

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