[RESOLVED] How do I change the default favicon icon?

I tried changing the default fastai favicon icon on the Title bar but couldn’t find any reliable way to do it.

Although I did come across this directory ../blog/images where I did find a default favicon icon existing but I’m not really sure if I should mess around with that directory.

So are there any reliable ways to modify the favicon icon?

The root cause of the problem appears to be due to the browser not caching properly. As suggested in this comment, it appears that an aggressive reload by pressing Ctrl+Shift+R seems to fix the problem.


In the newest version of fastpages the favicon is in images/ you can just replace it if you wish

I’m pretty sure I replaced the default favicon from images/, yet the favicon hasn’t changed. I’ve not had time to test it thoroughly since I was busy trying to upgrade to the newer version, so I guess I’ll come back to this thread once I can find solid proofs that there’s an issue.

What’s the default favicon? Is it logo.png?

The favicon is favicon.ico.
If you want to replace it, you have to create a new favicon.ico file, if memory serves.

That’s correct the favicon is located here https://github.com/fastai/fastpages/blob/master/images/favicon.ico

So are there any reliable ways to modify the favicon icon?

It might be changed without you seeing it. Quite often, you have to load the favicon directly (i.e. in your browser location) and then reload it (ctrl-r). Browsers cache agressively if you let them.

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reload it (ctrl-r). Browsers cache aggressively if you let them.

Yeah, that fixed it!

I edited the thread accordingly for future reference in case someone else faces the same issue.

Right! This worked for me too.