Request for testers for my demo projects

Hi everyone! I want to get some performance metrics for these two demo projects for my upcoming tutorial. Would anyone with an Arm Mac or a device with an AMD GPU mind reporting the FPS they get for the two demos linked below? You’ll likely get the best performance in Chrome compared to Firefox. I don’t have a Mac, so I don’t know how they perform on Safari.

I would also appreciate additional performance metrics from those with different Windows computers.

Also, if the demos don’t work on a given platform, I’d appreciate knowing that as well :sweat_smile:.

I know it’s been a while since you asked and don’t know if you’re still looking for performance metrics but since I’m on an M1 Mac, I thought I’d try. But the first demo gives an error both on Firefox and Chrome. Not sure if I can post images here, but will try to do so below …

Thanks for reporting the error! It looks like the TensorFlow.js package did not load for some reason. I wonder why that would be.

Ah, that might have been due to issues at my end. I was on a VPN when I tried it. Tried just now without the VPN and the WebGL demo loaded fine without issues on Firefox at least. (Will try on Chrome in a bit)

I get 31 - 37 FPS for the WebGL demo on Firefox. On Chrome I get anywhere from 40 - 50 FPS.

Hope that helps?

Awesome thanks!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: