Rendering Multi-line math equations with katex + fastpages


I was trying to get a multi-line equation into a blog post. So something like

\frac{\partial}{\partial z^{[i]}} o^{[j]}  &= \frac{\partial}{\partial z^{[i]}} \frac{e^{z^{[j]}}}{\sum_l e^{z^{[l]}}} \\
&= e^{z^{[j]}} \frac{\partial}{\partial z^{[i]}} \Bigg(\sum_l e^{z^{[l]}} \Bigg)^{-1} \\
&= -e^{z^{[j]}} \Bigg(\sum_l e^{z^{[l]}} \Bigg)^{-2} e^{z^{[i]}} \\
&= -o^{[j]} \cdot o^{[i]}

This renders fine in a markdown cell in a jupyter notebook. However when rendered on the webpage it shows up as the raw code (shown above).

Does anyone know a workaround for this? I am currently taking a screenshot of the equations and showing that but hoping there is a nicer solution out there.


Hey Kaushik,

Have you put in - use_math: true at the top of your notebook? See here for an example.

Also you need to put in \\ for next line in equations. I only see a single \

Hi Sachin,

Thanks for replying. I tried the use_math: true but had no luck. I did have a \\ in my markdown but it got dropped when writing my question (will update the description above).