Registering .ai domain - recommendations?

I want to register an .ai domain but would love to hear recommendations first since it’s a bit pricy! Any personal experience from folks here? Thanks!

ETA: are there any gotchas in transferring this type of domain later to say AWS Route53?


I used to register a .ai domain - they seem the cheapest, and it was drama free.

There’s a place to delegate DNS after registering so yes Route53 should be fine.

I just used the official NIC: . Worked fine. You can set the NS records to point wherever you like - I haven’t used Route53, but I assume it should work with any name server.


How about a free .ML domain instead of expensive .AI?

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Not .ai, but if you use Namecheap you can get 5 years for $6 for certain domains. You can even get a total of 10 years for $12 by adding 5 more years the day after you make the purchase. (It won’t let you do that on the same day you register the domain.)

All other registries I’ve found will charge $10/year after the first year.


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Not sure if this helps but if a .com works, I got a .com from Namecheap for 2 years at 30USD.

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i checked this option but seems like they don’t register new users anymore and delegated the domain registration to resellers…

yes, this is what i was looking at - after reading some horror stories about euroDNS :slight_smile:

Namecheap and Dynadot are the cheapest ai registrars.