Regarding pre requisites

(Aseem Bansal) #1

I saw that you mentioned as the pre requisite. I was planning to do this course on OCW to fill my gaps in linear algebra. If you are aware of this course would this fulfill the pre requisites?


(Pietz) #2

looks good. even more in-depth than you probably need to go. depending on your future deep learning plans, its always desirable to have a rich background in mathematics.


(Rachel Thomas) #3

Yes, Strang’s Linear Algebra class would cover more than enough.

In general, I recommend learning math on an as-needed basis, so don’t feel like you have to make it through the entire pre-requisite studying (unless that’s what you want) before you can get started on Comp Lin Alg. You can study/watch linear algebra lectures to fill in gaps in your background as they come up.


(Aseem Bansal) #4

@rachel I get what you are saying. The reason I am considering doing that is because when I am doing some reading some Maths comes up. I could look that up if I knew what the relevant topic is from where to start.

It’s like 4 people talking about a TV show in French in front of me (I don’t know French) and then trying to understand what they were saying. I won’t know that is French so how do I start looking about that? Maybe not a good analogy but I hope you understand my point.

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(Klement) #5

Is there any interactive course of linear algebra?