Regarding for Machine Learning

Hello All, I am switching from my current field which is web developer to machine learning engineer. I want to know, Is it the right choice to start a career in this field? Can anyone explain me whats the job responsibility of a machine learning engineer and what skills we should have for this? I have checked some soft and hard skills on this article and looking for your opinion.

Hi Shivam

Unfortunately job titles do not reflect jobs. So a machine learning engineer could be performing data entry or somebody with a PhD doing really complex mathematics. Fastai will give a rough guide but it is a very large subject.

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Yes right! Yesterday I was searching the average salary of a machine learning engineer in India and found this post and It will earn between 7.5 to 8 lakh per annum as the total compensation. According to Glassdoor, the nationwide average is 7.6 lakh, while the Payscale data say it to be 7 lakh.

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