Recommending new/unrated events/movies?

I work on an events platform (

Users can rate events after attending them. I would like to build a recommendation system for new (as yet unrated) events.

At first I thought this was a collaborative filtering task, but since new events don’t yet have any ratings, I don’t think this is the right approach.

What’s a good way of recommending new (unrated) events to users? (or if we were talking about movies, how would I recommend as-yet unreleased movies to users?)

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Building a recommendation system for unrated events sounds like an exciting challenge!

Considering the absence of ratings, how about exploring content-based filtering? Analyzing user preferences and suggesting new events/movies based on their past likes or similar items might be a cool approach. It’s like saying, “Hey, you enjoyed these events, so you might dig these new ones too!” And speaking of recommendations, any cool suggestions for movies out rn now? Always on the lookout for something fresh to watch!

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Oh, that’s indeed a fantastic idea. I’d also be happy to receive recommendations for new movies.