Recommended Python learning resources ✅

(hari rajeev) #21

In case anybody is interested , There is a course happening on Nov 20th through safari.

Python Data Handling - A Deeper Dive

November 20, 2018.
Live: Online on O’Reilly Safari

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(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #22

Thanks @harikrishnanrajeev - can you edit the top post with your addition?

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(hari rajeev) #23

@jeremy , David Beazley’s courses is already included in the list at the top.I was just sharing that there is a deep dive python class happening today via safari. :slight_smile:

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(Cris Carter) #24

@jeremy Really useful thread! Personally I’ve found Python Principles useful for the basics. It’s an online interactive tutorial. I’m still a complete beginner, and I’ve found the practical nature, the many examples, and especially the auto-checked exercises useful because I like learning by doing.

Next I’ll be looking for a book, and this thread is just what I needed.

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(Andrew Nanton) #25

I found these to be a better intro to Jupyter than others I’ve seen. They are a 2-part series on using Jupyter notebooks:


(Frank he) #26

A nice collection of often useful awesome Python frameworks, libraries and software.


(ribana jones) #27

I would love to add A Smarter Way to Learn Python book by Mark Myers. This is an amazing book for learning Python. this book will show you a very effective method to read and write python which makes your learning super easy.

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(Jayam Thaker) #28

If you are already familiar with programming in general you might find the Google developer course useful.
It is really short, 7 articles including setup or 2 videos however you choose with good exercise to test the knowledge.