Recommended audio lectures or audiobook?

I’m not always with my laptop, and I often retain new material better when I also hear it in audio form.

Does anyone have a recommendation for audio lectures or audiobooks that systematically step through roughly similar material in spoken form?

Jeremy’s youtube lectures work best when closely viewing the video, which isn’t available when I’m driving or walking or whatever.

I have googled this, and I realize there’s a lot of ML content. I’m hoping your recommendation, as a fellow student in this course, will help me short-cut the process of sampling absolutely everything!


I personally prefer reading to listening. But my current state in life requires me to spend 5+hours commuting every day. Since AI is not yet advanced enough to navigate my car on Indian roads, I have only my ears free :slight_smile:

I have been using much of it recently on the course videos on YouTube. I haven’t tried audio book format, but my hunch is that the content of the video would be much better suitable for listening than the text of the book.

I mostly just listen while driving, aware that I am missing parts of it because I can’t see the visuals. I end up having to listen to the same video multiple times. I spend about 45 mins after reaching home (around 10:00PM) going through the notebooks and trying out some of the code. This has been working reasonably well for me, given my circumstance :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Hope that helps!

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I agree this is the best way to go. Audio form on Jeremy’s lessons will not match watching the video but will familiarise you with a lot of the content, especially in the context of hands-on deep learning experience.

Other recommendations podcasts I enjoy

  • data skeptic
  • The gradient: Perspectives on AI
  • the machine learning guide (note some topics like NLP will be out of date but generally good for classic ML methods intuition)
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