Recommendation for a book on image processing


I’m looking for a recommendation for a book on image processing geared to tasks you typically encounter doing computer vision with deep learning: image augmentation and light preprocessing. Ideally, in a quick-start format.

Does anybody have their favourite image processing book to recommend?

you should see:

Title: Digital Image Processing
Authors: Rafael C. Gonzalez & Richard E. Woods

I’m keen on finding something in lighter format but if I don’t succeed, I’ll go with that suggestion. Thank you!

The Pocket Handbook of Image Processing Algorithms in C:

It uses the C language and is a few decades old but it contains a lot of the common image processing algorithms in a handy reference.

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I read Computer Vision for Special Effects in college and reference it often. The “special effects” in the title does it a disservice, it really gives great explanations for the fundamentals and is widely applicable. Coupled with the online material provided by the professor, it’s a great read.

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I think this is a good book looking at the content, I am planning on reading it

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