Question to @jeremy: why Google acquired Kaggle?

Hello everyone !

I went through a time capsule yesterday and watched @jeremy 's intervention at Strata NY 2011:

He introduced Kaggle as a mean to get Data Scientists as rich as Roger Federer (“This guy is just hitting a yellow ball over a net” :slight_smile: )
And presented a vision for Kaggle as a major host for company’s data challenges (up to 10 000 competitions + private competitions etc.).

Could you share some hindsight about the acquisition by Google ?
What strategic benefits if it continues being public about competitions and leaderboards so the recruiting market isn’t reserved for Alphabet ?

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I honestly don’t have any particular insight - it’s been many years since I was there!

But I certainly hope that Google can help maintain the long term future of the competition platform.

I suspect they’d like to turn the “Kernel” feature into a google playground where you can go from prototype to production and pay them $$$ :wink:

I meant “insight”, not “hindsight”, sorry.
Thanks for correcting me :vulcan: