Question about a CPU/multi-GPU pairing


Hi, someone near me is selling their machine with the following:

  • 3 x RTX 2070
  • Intel i3 7100
  • Z270 motherboard

and I don’t know whether that CPU, having only two cores/four threads, can make good use of three graphics cards, or even two. (The guide on Tim Dettmer’s site recommends more threads.) Thanks.


(adrian) #2

Looks like the z270 board can support 24 pcie lanes, but best cpu i could find? i7 7700k only supports 16.

At 1x8 and 2x4 speed drop will only be a few percent (from memory from chai time datascience podcast interview T Dettmers ).

With the i7 7700k - has only has 4 cores. I suspect that may be the thing you notice most.

If cheap enough you could buy for the GPUs?

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Thanks for your reply. The seller seems to have changed their offering and the price right after I posted the question. Maybe they were reading this forum!